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Thread: funny things youve used to call foxys with.

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    funny things youve used to call foxys with.

    sorry sitting bored got winter vomiting bug,anyway whats your favorite fox call,maybe something out of the normal,me i use a whistle of of a whistling kettle to great effect,when all else fails out comes my kettle whistle.what do you use.stuart.

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    I`ve got a few different calls, electronic and manual, but the thing that has called in the most foxes over the years is just pursing my lips together and drawing air through.I dont plan on relying on the method but i dont always have a call to hand.
    A mate has a call made from a pub place setting.A couple of holes, squeezed over a but more and its a loud call that brings them in from way off.

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    I made a caller by removing the reed piece from one of those party blower things which uncoil and make a silly noise when you blow into them. I've also made one by cutting the sound box thingy out of a broken dog-toy. I've never actually used either of them though as 99 out of 100 foxes that I call in come to the Foxpro electronic caller. The other 1 out of 100 comes to a BestFoxCall which I keep handy in my pocket in case there isn't time to deploy the Foxpro.

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    2 flat lollipop sticks taped together at the ends with either old VHS or the old music tape sandwiched as a reed. Otherwise its squeaking with mouth.
    A fellow rifle uses all the gadgets out there but often reaches for my old DIY stick caller in times of desperation, normally resulting in success I may add.

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    a pair of my wifes knickers but thinking about it that may have been more smell than squeak
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    A friend of mine did use polystyrene on the windscreen and worked well

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    Dogs squeaky toy works a treat

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    A Nokia phone
    a peice of polystyrene packaging
    a .17M2 case with a hole drilled out the base
    the top off a BIC biro
    back of my hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWATEM 270 View Post
    A friend of mine did use polystyrene on the windscreen and worked well

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    Dogs squeaky toy works a treat
    +1 - just wait till they rip it apart and then stick it in your stalking jacket.

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