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Thread: Gunshop direct ltd

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    Gunshop direct ltd

    Hi all,I am wondering if any of you have delt with this company,I ordered some new wellies with them last Tuesday before dinner 12.45pm,no sign of wellies yet and they don't answer the phone,it goes to answer machine,I've left several messages and they haven't returned my calls.

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    Sorry it was the day before on the Monday,just checked my mobile

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    did you pay ny credit card otr paypal bt any chance
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    Hi spud,I paid by visa debit card out of my secret squirrel account,I've just found another contact number though its not the same number I used when I rang and placed my order,it's wrote on there website if orders are placed before 2pm they will dispatch same day,is also written it should be received within 48hrs,hasn't been anything posted through the door to say carrier has been but nobody to take package,grrrrrrrr,that's a week today I ordered

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    make sure with visa that youre card is covered in the worse case scenario
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    Website looks for real,wellies may turn up tomorrow but not returning my calls has wound me up

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    what wellies did you order on the site ill try
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    I had a similiar experience, I think I used the enquiry form on the contact us page and the next day they dispatched the order and they email when they dispatch so it shouldnt just appear

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    Jack pyke countryman wellingtons,ones with full zip,they were in the sale for 59.99 pus 3.95 postage,went for cheaper option this time because I've had 2 pairs of chameaus and they've split at seems and the soles,will never buy them again,regards swaro
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    Hi all,I rang another number on there website and the same woman answered,so she said they don't use that number I ordered my wellies on anymore,so she said my wellies were posted yesterday afternoon and I should get them tomorrow or Thursday,I hope this is the case,there was no explanation why they were posted a week later,don't care as long as they come

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