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Thread: new boy name compo

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    new boy name compo

    I got my start in to shooting with the army using the No 4 lee enfield.and the bren.twentytwo years of having my ears drums sharted.deaf as a post,now it helps when the bull hits the air waves, been a gamekeeper off the old school picking up the egges washing them ,ect ,ect got T off with crap that was in the shooting line,guns that is.then heath and saftey came along , so called it day,took up deer stalking wished I done it sooner.Had advanced stalkrer.long before the new level one came into being,tryed that failed the first time,because I carried my rifle the wrong way muzzel up ,passed , thentook my level two,passed that, I have been watching and listning to the incresing bull from b a s c and the bds telling us stalkers that they are looking out for our interest. The only thing they do for me is the Insurance. and give me a laugh. The name COMPO was given to me by the eastate manager,I loved it

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    #4 and a bren. Man after my own heart. Pleased to meet you Compo.

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