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Thread: What minox ?

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    What minox ?

    MINOX BF 8x42 or 10x42 what would you recommend ?

    Hope this is not a repost


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    i liked my 10x42 till i left them on the roof of my truck ,i still use them for the backups but they are a little worse for wear,atb wayne
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    Well 10 can be a bit hard to hold steady plus it will have a more narrow field of view than the 8 mag ones. If you stalk in woodland where you are often scanning thickets and the like that are not too far in front then the wider field of view of the 8 mag binos will be a big help as you are able to take in more without moving your binos. In saying that you might find you prefer 10 mag and it might be an advantage if you stalk in more open areas where you are usually spotting the deer at considerable distance. Only you really know what your stalking is like and what your needs are.
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