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Thread: rel-loading tuition required !

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    rel-loading tuition required !

    afternoon all

    need a bit of a hand , will some one show me how to home load ? im keen to learn , and have been dependant on factory loads for nearly 10 years and i think its about time to have a go myself .

    i live in norfolk near norwich , and i would love for someone to just show me what i need , equipment etc , and to just basicly show me how to do it !

    im prepared to travel about south norfolk / north suffolk , and just need pointing in the right direction .

    cheers lee

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    re- loading tuition

    If you are struggling to get help have a look at your nearest home office approved gun club, they will be shooting on M.O.D. ranges at some point & they will undoubtedly have members who reload all sorts of stuff!

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    all ok now just had a 20 min yowl to JAYB on the phone and has put me in the right direction , 8)

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    i would be more than willing to show you what i do (right or wrong) but im all the way over in wiltshire sorry buddy

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    cheers for the offer , i had a good chat with JAYB and he put my in the right direction of what i need ect , so this time next month i sould be using my own rounds .
    any good powder surgestions for a 140 grain 6.5x55 ?



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    the book says
    51.5 gr of h1000 (compressed load)
    47 gr of h4831
    44 gr of h4350
    41.5 gr of h414
    40.5 gr of h380
    36 gr of varget
    35.8 gr of h4895
    these loads are from the lee data manual and are MAX loads not starting loads and 10% should be deducted as a start load and then work your way up
    i have never tried any of these loads so im affraid i cant give you any pointers on which will be good

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    More info with a bit of extra detail regarding group sizes:

    One of my favourite sites.

    Rgds Ian

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    thaks ian that is a handy site , i can see why its one of your favorates !
    has definatly given me some ideas regarding powder weights ect . !

    lee 8)

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