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Thread: Bushmell ?

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    Bushmell ?

    Been looking at some bushnells or minox but was wondering with all the different bushnells what are best.


    used for stalking

    And I am totally lost !!!

    Thanks in advance

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    i have a set of power views

    they are more than enough for what i need, the scope does the rest for me when im ready to pull the trigger so to speak,.

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    There are many different models. In the US and Canada there seems to be even more. I myself have 3 different Bushnell items. A 3200 elite scope on my 22-250 with firefly illuminated reticule which as far as clarity etc is fine, only down side is it doesn't have mil-dot ret. On my .308 I have 6500 elite which is only a shade off as good as some of the top European scopes in my opinion and at 1/3 the price. And lastly I have a pair of 8x42 elite bino's which in my opinion are excellent. So I would say go for the ELITE if you have the cash to spend.

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    Should have said I'm on about binos

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    I use a pair of Bushnell H20 roof prism 8 x 42's and for the money (93.91) I think they are great and a match for a lot of more expensive binos. I have owned them for about 2.5 years and have been out in them in all weathers, they have been p**s wet through with no fogging inside. The only time they are lacking is at very last light but by that time even if I could see a deer I wouldn't want to take a shot.


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    I also have a pair of H20 8x42 . Have had them for 3 years used them in all weathers cant fault them . Great kit at a great price. Got mine from in the U.S.

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