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Thread: LEUPOLD VX111 with Stoney Point target turrets

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    LEUPOLD VX111 with Stoney Point target turrets

    hi need some advice on the Stoney point target turrets. Have brought a second hand VX111 thats fitted with the target turrets. It never came with instructions, anybody have a set of instructions or can let me know how to set the up/use them correctly.Its zeroed now but just need to know how to make best use of the turrets. thanks needsy

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    IIRC you can undo the grub screw on the top part and recentre it to zero now that you are "zeroed"
    then when you adjust for windage elevation you can just wind back to zero when done

    marked in MOA increments
    ideally uaed with a rangefinder, find distance, refer to memorized dropchart, adjust as necessary

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