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Thread: Dillon XL 650 with case loader hopper

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    Dillon XL 650 with case loader hopper

    Attachment 21896Attachment 21897So, this is the inherited Dillon press I am not keeping, please see the photos, ask questions by all means but I have limited info about it as a complete novice. The one thing I will say is that the plug for the case hopper has been removed and needs replacing, this will have been done because it would have had an American plug fitted, not sure why they never replaced it, but I would imagine it was because it had very little use, they used the 550 that I'll be keeping primarily. Having taken advise and given what they go for on fleabay I'm looking for 350 plus postage, or collection from cambs/Norfolk/Suffolk border.

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    To make a positive contribution to this, I know that such companies as ParcelMonkey & CollectMyParcel will uplift from you & provide a tracked delivery service of such a press (up to 30kg limit) for about 9

    350 for one of these is a bargain - it works out at about the same as a new press direct from Dillon, without the Import Duty/VAT/Shipping that'd add about 40-50% - it even has an 'ickle bench to allow reloading in bed, while driving, in the office, etc.

    A mate paid 300 for his 10 years back & it's churned out thousands of rounds with not even a spring to replace!
    These have a LIFETIME guarantee, any parts that break/fail - Dillon send new ones for free

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    You need to list the calibre conversion kits and put the powder thrower on the press deerstalker. Also thereshould be a parts kit with the press, you've probably got it knocking around somewhere.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Ok, quick update, 8x57, there is no powder thrower with it however I am going to double check that there isn't still one lying about in my father in laws garage. The calibre conversions would appear to be 38/357 and 9mm. I am really conscious in don't want to sell this under any misunderstanding so ideally it would be great if someone who know what they are looking at comes to view it as this is all new to me! Happy to learn though

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    I can understand that as it's not the simplest of presses to start with. Like you say it will be a good buy for the right person but that person may need to repace a few so far unlocated items.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Is the motor 110V or 220V?
    Forgot to ask before. Chances are that the plug was cut off due to it being a strange US 2-pin type

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    I've had a look all over the hopper and there isn't a decal anywhere to say, all I can assume is that it is the same as the ones on their website which would be the 110v US style plug.

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    It MAY be the export version though, as they also offer it as a 220V

    MY RCBS powder unit is 220V but has a US plug on it, whereas the Lyman lead Dipper furnace is 220V with a UK plug!

    Wonder if there is another way to check. I'll do some digging around for info


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    Hmm, we'll short of unscrewing the back and seeing if there are any clues inside I'm at a loss.......happy to take advice though, rather give accurate facts if possible.

    edit....just tried and no clues in there either.........
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