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Thread: Now thats what I call magic

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    I suppose that's one place to keep your hankie

    Wonder if they would book her of the early Saturday evening variety TV progs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    I could help her locate that hanky no problem!

    You and about 28millions others

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    Ahh the winking magician.

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    I thought it was a furry cup

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    I wonder how she does the cup and balls trick then!!!!!!

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    Well i should imagine she just wriggles the balls into her furry cup just like they all do
    Most female magicians I know always ask me to let them know when the balls are in the cup though, you think if they were that good they would know wouldnt you

    And to think that I used to think that David Nixon was the top magician i wonder what he would have done with smething furry

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    now i know what "the magic circle" is!

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