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Thread: 75 or 85

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    75 or 85

    Have set my heart on stainless synthetic sako in .243. My local gunshop has a screwcut 85 at old price (1195) But a 75 has become available new that I could go for probably one of the last, un cut and all the money. The general consensus is that the 75 is the better gun.
    Is this true ? My gut says snap up the 75 .
    Has anyone got or had both and able to give me some much apreciated advice. Unfortunately I think that time is of the essence!

    Cheers George

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    Had both George and personally would go for the 75.
    IMO a much better built gun for the money.
    But 1195 for it sounds quite pricey!
    If they can screwcut it for the same price as the 85 then buy it!
    If not buy the 85 and live with the slight gripes i had with mine.
    Saying that a lot of people i know with model 85's really like them.

    The choice is yours as they say

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    Cheers Sam . I was hoping you'd spot this. Am speaking with the guy tonight think he'll get it cut for less than the 85 price.

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    Good that will be a good buy then.
    You can usually find a good set of optilock rings and bases second hand or buy a new set for 90-100 ish.
    Mod wise i'd either go for a ASE northstar or a jet z.

    For various reasons i wont ever buy another T8 or PES again.

    As for the ammo, my choice for everything in 243 are Winchester ballistic silvertips 95g. About 35 box but are an excellent.

    Saying that a lot of people use Privi Partisan 100g soft poiints at 40 per 100!
    The nearest person to stock these locally is heritage guns in Shaftesbury.
    I might start to give them a go, 100 bullets for the price of 20 premium loads.

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    All in cut and recrowned he's offering 1155 he recons he might have some second hand mounts as well plus he stocks northstar mods which is what I wanted to go for anyway (also at old price 199) . All sounds good to me.
    Shall take the punge tomorow!

    Cheers for ammo tips sam . That was going to be my next question.

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    Theres some used rings and bases in 30mm blued on pigeonwatch for 50.

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    hi , i have some 1in low optilock rings BRAND NEW for 35 quid !

    rgds lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5
    hi , i have some 1in low optilock rings BRAND NEW for 35 quid !

    rgds lee
    Cheers lee, would bight your hand off but am after 30mm. Have PM'd the guy on Pigeon watch ( cheers Sam)

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    I ended up with an 85 stainless after a bit of shopping and testing.
    Go for the 85 it is a wonderful gun.
    Also agree with the Jet Z advice, I have had wildcats and T8s and sold them, I only have Jet Zs now, as do the guys I shoot with. Once you have used and heard a Jet Z and carried a rifle with one fitted you wont go back.

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