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Thread: Recommended Stalking Sticks

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    Recommended Stalking Sticks

    I currently stalk with a single “Monopod” when I am in the close confines of the wood. I find that the shots are required to be taken swiftly and at close range hence the choice of stick.

    On a new bit of permission, the land is more open and the shots longer so I am looking for a tri pod stalking sticks for more stability when in this environment.

    What makes does everyone use? What’s Good? What’s Bad? And What to avoid?

    Many Thanks,


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    Having used fixed and extendable single and double sticks on and off over the years I read through the recent thread on what people recommended. Did a bit more digging on the various permutations and ordered a set of quad sticks from Bob Broom on here.

    The sticks arrived this morning and having had a couple of goes in the living room this evening I've not had any problems deploying them. They are as easy to set up as a pair of sticks with one hand, probably a lot less hassle than a triple and, by they hold the rifle steady!! You could easily stand there waiting for the right moment without a problem!

    Have to say I'm really impressed (didn't think I would be that impressed!) Looking forward to using them now.

    That's me 5p's worth.... and Bob is a nice bloke to boot!


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    I'm currently using a Decoy 3 legged. Picked it up earlier in the year and been pleased with my results so far.

    Only complaints would be, they can rattle a little and can be tricky to set up quickly when on steep uneven ground. There is a strap to keep the legs together when you're walk which stops the rattling but it slows down deploying the legs.

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    Hi 2428 miles,

    For longer shots I have found quad sticks good and 5 sticks even better but both suffer from being a bit cumbersome and fiddley to put up. Lots of versions about some of which are made/sold but members of this site.


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    5 sticks!!! it's faster carrying a portable highseat

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    Spooky I posted this today on another thread, made both sets from 3 B&Q garden canes @ about 2 quid each!! Just hacksaw them to suit your height! Hope it helps

    Just to throw another suggestion in the mix how about making a set of small shooting sticks from B&Q plastic coated garden canes like I use. Cost about 4 quid with a bit of pipe lagging and handy as a walking aid too.

    Added bonus of being able to adjust the height by opening them up and can get set up nicely in awkward locations, ie, side of mounds, banks etc, and still sit comfy.

    I ground a point into the ends so they dig in nicely and a bit of pipe lagging low down stops them clanging together. Surplus camo tape just to tidy them up a bit and make them nicer to carry.

    Here's a pic with my rapid on in the grass verge along a field which is about 2ft off the ground

    Here they are alongside my full size sticks

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    Primos tripod...easy to use.

    On a positive...
    All three legs move independantly by just pulling the trigger in effect self levels on uneven ground.

    On the down side is the price...£99

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2428 miles View Post
    ...What makes does everyone use?....
    Miles, Not me, but another Forum member using my 4 sticks. Very versatile, can be used as 4 sticks, 2 sticks or a single stick. Regards JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Miles, Not me, but another Forum member using my 4 sticks. Very versatile, can be used as 4 sticks, 2 sticks or a single stick. Regards JCS
    yup been using quad sticks for donkeys yrs , thats the way to go dont buy make them its far cheaper

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    I got mine off Limulus a member on here they are great sticks and very steady

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