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Thread: 7 x 64mm Brass

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    7 x 64mm Brass

    Hi - general question to throw out there to any 7 x 64 users...

    Does anyone know of a source for RWS brass?

    Any help welcomed


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    A good RFD should be able to order it for you. Bushwear up here can get it. Alternatively just order it from

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    reloading solutions normaly carry stock


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    Get intouch with ChrisC on here, he uses a 7x64

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    Thank you all

    3 opportunities to try - I wonder if I order from Franconia in Germany I'll get the rough end of European free trade with Brit Customes!!

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    I am coming to the UK on Sunday 2nd Dec to my Dover pad.
    If you need some mail me quick and I can maybe help.
    Did it for another on this site a few years ago.

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    Franconia will only charge you 19% VAT.


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    Roecall, I have plenty once fired in RWS and Sako. Let me know if you want it and I'll post it down.

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    Thank you all for your assistance I'm going to be supplied with some good quality brass a result of my post - again thanks all.


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    19%!!! and I thought this country was bad the 1% difference will be swallowed up in Brit customs, import taxes and any other tax that can be applied !

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