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Thread: Big buck-Little buck ?

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    Big buck-Little buck ?

    Hi Guys,

    Question for you guys with more experiance than I.

    I have a small wood that holds a number of roe. i have taken a small buck in april and a few weeks ago another moved in (not seen him yet)
    Now the new buck scrapes the ground under/around large tree trunks he has not used any of the normal hazel saplings or other small trees He has not marked as often as others have and he is actually using his antlers to stab the ground or very base of the trunk

    Q1 Why does he have different habits to the others(shot several in this wood over the years)

    Q2 Do you think he is going to be an older buck or maybe another juvenile

    I will find out what he looks like

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    What size diameter and what species?

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    so are you still thinking on it being a Roe???
    and any pics of the scrapes ??
    my guess an old buck just marking up his new found spot with a few foot scrapes, this may alter but not by much as he is in his element with plenty of grub so will probaly build himself up more for the oncoming rut
    not likely to get ousted as other bucks in the area are also settling down just feeding up as they hav no need to make a move as they already hav sorted out their positions for the time being, but that could all change in a month orso's time
    but eck , i could be wrong
    hav been in the past

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    In reply,

    I only have roe in this area any others would be red and they are miles away.

    Will try to get some piccies done over the weekend.

    From what i can see he is marking oak up to about 18" dia the scape is normally quite large, one almost the same size as if the animal is about to bed down and as stone has said he could be using his hoofs but it does look more like stab marks from a antler.

    My thoughts would be that he is an old beast that has been pushed out by a younger animal, but he has travelled in an unusual direction as most head off to the coast just a couple of miles away living in the gorse and cliff faces. Have seen some real old examples of beasts in the coastal areas , have even found a very stubby and thick antler. One animal in particular had a very timely routine, he was as old as the hills saggy back and his face was long and gaunt and grey literally. He always moved slowly i never saw him run. I like to think his death was quick by a stalkers bullet but i believe that the landowner is anti shooting.

    When the east winds return i shall return to my permission and see if i cant see the "new kid in town"

    Regards cervushunter.

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    18" diameter is a large tree for a Roe to be fraying on, more usually seen on saplings,feathers or standard trees only a couple of inch or 50 mm diameter.

    Are there any young saplings around that have been frayed?

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