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Thread: 30 06 tikka 690 or 695

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    30 06 tikka 690 or 695

    Hi guys I am wondering whether anybody has a tikka 690 or 695 tucked away some where that they are not using and would like it to go to a good home.
    The calibre is the classic 30 06 please. Moderated or not dont mind either. It doesnt need to have a scope as I have a very nice swarovski that is sat doing sod all to go on top.
    I am happy if its a bit rough as well.
    If anybody has one please pm me, I am happy to travel to pick it up or pay for rfd transfer. I already have the space on my ticket for this so there will be no wait to do the deal.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for looking.

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    Shame you're not after a 270 - I've got a lovely master delux that I'm selling. Good luck with the search, they're cracking rifles.

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    Yeah I know I had a look at yours its a very nice looking rifle. I have one in 6mmbr which is absolutely superb rebarreled by Mr Mckillop.

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    Shame you don't want it in 25-06 as well I have a 690 Master Continental. Sorry I can't help but I am sure one of the members can help you out.

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