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Thread: Floods

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    Its unreal the amount of rain that has fallen in the last week or so. And seeing the extent of the floods in some parts of the country I'm sure some members of the SD must be caught up in this. I feel sorry for the folk effected and hope that the waters soon subside. I cant imagine the distress this must cause at any time. but only weeks from Christmas must make things worse. Keep well and best wishes Shaun.

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    Shaun +1 when will this or subsequent governments wake up and realise that not only does flooding wreck people's life's it costs billions to the economy. We have construction on it's knees and would welcome the work in building flood defences. It was quick enough to bale out the robbing bankers who then stick 2 fingers up once they have sucked up all the money that we as tax layers will be paying out for years.
    Weather patterns have changed and I find it hard to believe that we consistently see little action. It's small areas that have been affected some for 3rd time and I feel for these people what can they do.
    I am sure if it was the parasitical Canary wharf affected they would be quick to respond and set in place adequate flood defences.

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    Sympathies to all who have been affected.

    Moonstone, London does have the Thames barrier which has proven to be very effective which demonstrates that with the right investment flood defences can be put in place. So for those areas with established settlements that are now prone to flooding, yes investment into flood defences and maintaining the waterways is desperately needed.

    In some cases though this is not a complex problem: surely there must be an element of blame on councils who have approved housing developments to be built on areas susceptible to flooding, despite the Environment Agency advising against it due to the flood risk?

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    It must be devistating for anyone flooded out .but building on land lible to flood and not having the correct infrastructure has caused most of the problem .every house built puts water stright into rivers so causes flooding unless water courses are enlarged since i heard an expert say dredging rivers will not help we have no chance.
    can anyone half fill a pint glass with sand then put a pint of liquid in it?
    Each house built puts water in the neaerst river in hours from fields it can take days then restrict the flow of the river and what do you get Floods.
    I live within 5mins walk of the Yorks Derwent flood plain it started filling up on monday pm still filling .

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    Sympathies to those struggling with floods just now.

    Most of the blame has to sit at the door of the (larger) construction companies and local authorities for applying for and subsequently approving planning permission to build housing estates on what is in effect flood plains ! ... bonkers ! Greed seems to have got in the way of common sense.

    Construction companies also need to increase their use of modern draining building techniques such as permeable drive way construction.

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    Well you should see the Somerset levels, or Lake Somerset as it should be rename, many thousands of acres underwater, hedges out of sight and round bales drifting like mini icebergs. Not seen any deer since last week. As yet still no train services past Taunton, may reopen tonight. Daily commute from Bristol to Taunton has been some what haphazard.

    Shudder to think of the lost to wildlife on the levels, however would appear every form of wildfowl and waders is on the levels at present.

    Could soon be the biggest ice rink ever if we get some hard prolonged frosts.


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    All the rivers need digging out,all the erosion over the years has made them shallower and they can't take the volume of water

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    All the water needs to go some were many million of cubes of concrete to hold up large Eco wind turbines. Still all that cheap electricity will keep them nice and warm.

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    thoughts are with people in trouble we all moan about our weather but we do not have half the problems some do

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    I was watching the water rise where I was working,apart from 2 days I was rained off,was 5 feet of water in these fields last Friday and had a text off bloke I am doing the work for Sunday to say it was up another 4 feet after Saturdays rain,that's a serious amount of rain water

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