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Thread: my first fallow buck

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    my first fallow buck

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    i got back monday evening after spending a couple of days stalking/wading with sika malc down in west sussex. the rain was pretty bad but with a posative atitude and malcolms knowledge of his land i shot my first fallow. great stuff a big thanks to sika malc and robin and todd and gelet for great weekend enjoyed all your company boys . looking forward to the next time.
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    Good job mate.

    Always worth going out in the rain
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Well done hope to get my first Fallow buck when I visit Malc again in 6 weeks

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    Good result!
    I'm a little concerned at what your dog appears to be doing though!

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    todd the dog a great dog not mine he belongs to malc i had to stick my thumb up his arse to make him say cheese

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    Well chuffed for you toad,well earned in all that crappy weather.A good few days in cracking company,
    and on the way back along M4 spotted a muntie grasing a few yards away in torrential rail,howling wind and rush hour traffic,typical.
    will get mine soon.

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    Malcs a good bloke ! I shot my first fallow with him last month in almost the exact same spot on malcs permission ! How was the extraction ! Congratulations mate

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    Looks like a nice buck well done for pursuing on what must have been awful weather. You'll have to get a photo of the next fallow with the head turned slightly to one side to show us the palmation!

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    hi acm . as for the extraction i wish i was a bit fitter not a massive distance to drag but i was f------d . no pain no gain

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