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Thread: meopta 7x50

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    meopta 7x50

    For sale brand new meopta 7x 50 fixed scope ret 4 price 300 pounds inc postage

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    Price drop 280 inc postage

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    final drop 270 inc postage

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    Price is 255 posted

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    i will inc a set of mounts burris extremes with it

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    Unfortunately I am not in the market for a scope. Even a spare really, but if anyone if uhmming and ahhing, let me tell you that these really are good scopes. I have three. One mounted on a .300 Win Mag where it has sat for 10 years or so. I have one on my Sako. I wouldn't put a cheap nasty on top of a Sako I can assure you. They take a beating ang just keep going. I have used them at the extreme end of the day on Red too. No worries at all. I noticed a post 5 mins ago someone wanting a scope budget 200 do yourself a favour, rummage behind the sofa and find a few extra quid and get a decent scope.

    If this had been a Z Plex reticle I'd have had it simply because I can't resit a bargain. And no, I have never met the chap selling it. Hope you don't mind Steyrman.


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    I'll take this please


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    scope still for sale have had a few pms and emails but no funds arrived

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyrman View Post
    scope still for sale have had a few pms and emails but no funds arrived
    Is this still for sale and what size is it ?

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