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Thread: prices and info for this scope

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    prices and info for this scope

    Hi all looking for some help i have the chance of buying this scope ,Karl Kahles, Wien , Helia S , 8x56 fixed 1" tube i have looked on the net and some good reports but i was wondering if anyone has one or had one any info much appreciated.



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    For info

    I bought a 6x42 recently, same model from the 80's or 90's.
    They replaced these with a more "compact" model.

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    I had a 6x42 years ago, good scope.

    Although I used them years ago I wouldn't go for the post type reticule now, but it's a personal choice.

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    I love nr 1 reticule. They are great to shoot boars at night.

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    We had an Italian guest over in April & he had this in a 6x42mm on an old 1942 Mauser 7x57 that he was using.

    The scope had the old No 1 reticule & he was shooting fine with it, he took a roebuck at 180m with it that was shot just fine.

    If the price is right I would say that she is a good but & in nice condition.

    Regs Lee

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    Thanks for the info how much do you think its worth so i can make him an offer don't want to offer over the odds and can not find any for sale to compare.


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