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Thread: 53 grain vmax

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    53 grain vmax

    ive just switched from using 50 grain vmax in my .223 for foxes to the 53 grain vmax and will be going to do some load development tomorrow all being well. i was just wondering if anyone has any experience of the 53 instead of the more traditional 50 and 55 grainers and if so how did you rate them?

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    mate uses them in his 223 to good affect. no difference in stopping power really then the other 2 you mentioned. what they do have though is better bc.
    but you wouldnt really notice this unless you push the ranges.

    this is where they will come into affect. i will get round to trying some in my 22/250 when i have used up the 50 grain nostlers.
    they say on the site 1 in 12 twist or faster so they stablize. lucky for me my 22/250 is a 12 twist.

    let us know how you get on with them

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    cheers jay, will do mate. fingers crossed they shoot in my rifle.

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    why did you switch?
    change of wind or a problem with 50's?

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    hey bewsher, nothing wrong with the 50s at all i just thought i would try them the 53s for a change and see how i get on. as jay said i cant imagine there being much more of an impact over the lighter bullet but it was how they shoot in comparison that interests me. ive not been reloading long and still trying to find a really sweet load/bullet combo for my .223. do you know anyone who uses them?

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    Hi Ziggy

    Tried them when they first came out, nothing special just the same as 50gr and 55gr V Max, Foxes love them
    25.4gns of VV N133 start lower and work up.

    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    cheers wullie, i was pushing my 50s along with 27 grains of h4895. goin to try the same powder but new charges obviously and see how it goes as ive some left but i was thinking of trying the cfe223 next

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    why not try 52gn amax cheaper and deadly!!

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    its only 23/100 vmax anyway, surely it cant be much cheaper?

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    Hi Ziggy

    I have gone back to 40gr V Max for Foxes, got them whizzing and hit like a train.
    Don't bother with the devastation they leave!
    My rifle is 1/12 twist.
    I am paying 15 for 100 for 40gr V Max
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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