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Thread: Leupold vx-r 4-12x50 Anyone with experience

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    Leupold vx-r 4-12x50 Anyone with experience

    Hello chaps.

    Looking for a budgetish illuminated reticle scope for a Fox rifle, as anybody had experience with the Leupold-vx-r-4-12x50, good points and bad points also if anyone has the scope could you post a picture of the reticule illuminated, would be greatly appreciated.

    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I have one, excellent scope, especially for the money, it compares well with my 4-12X50 S&B. One thing I will say is go for the ballistic firedot reticule for fox, its slightly dearer but its a finer reticule and the illumination is just as good. The duplex one would be better for deer...

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