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Thread: Leupold scope repair

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    Leupold scope repair

    I just got my scope back from Leupold after sending it back for repair. I have four Leupold scopes and this is the first to need sending back. What appeared to be grains of dust showed up around the cross hairs when the illuminated reticule was switched on. I sent the scope via GMK in late September, and it has come back in late November. Allowing for the fact that this was a second hand scope with no documentation, and that Leupold are a fair way away, I think this has been a pretty good service. I have never claimed on their lifetime warrantee before, but it has reinforced my belief that they are a decent scope at a decent price, and now with excellent back up.
    Would buy another without hesitation.

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    Static dust apparently,I bought one off an sd member that was full of the stuff.

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    i have had dealings with gmk in the past and have always had good service like you say leupold have certianly got a place for them selves in the optics market now saw a couple of the rangefinders the other day they looked good value for money.

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    Did Leupold sort it out? Sorry Alex, shove this in wherever you see fit, I didn't expect it to become a chat (not complaining) just mentioned it as most people browse here first.

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    I bought a new Leupold earlier this year from UK Custom Shop, Experienced problems with it from the outset not holding zero, suppliers got in touch with GMK and the scope was sent back for repair under warranty as they refused to replace with new one. Apparently all repairs are done in Germany, took about eight weeks but scope came back and works fine now, not sure whether I would buy another Leupold now though it's put me off somewhat, last scope I bought was a Ziess Duralit, in my opinion a better scope, better optics and a clearer image

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    Buckup I wish that I could say that my previous dealings with GMK and a Leupold score were so positive.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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