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Thread: Countdown has begun!!!

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    Countdown has begun!!!

    Well at long last I've brought my .243. Its taken a bit of time what with all the choices and searching and trawling the net, various local and not so local gun shops.

    I eventually managed to get an off the shelf New, .243 Stainless barrelled, Hogue Stocked, Howa 1500. I'm complimenting it with an AES UTRA Northstar moderator and it will be RFD transferred to my local shop in the next week after the moderator has had the bush done for my gun.

    Just in time for me to have picked up and installed the new 4-5 gun extra deep safe with Lock top which I've acquired from a top bloke, Paul Hart "The Pigeon Shooter".

    Now the question remains, what glass to put on it?????? Monkeyspanker, hopefully the kind offer of the loan of one of your spares is still open in the interim period?

    There's a lot of Munties and a nice Roe buck awaiting the business end


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    Glass loan!

    I have a Pecar Berlin 4-10 x 56 with a No.2 interchangeable reticle, Butler creek covers and 26mm Leupold STD rings fitted you can BORROW until you get sorted. You will need some Leupold STD bases though. Not long now then!
    I think you have made wise choices so far with the rifle/moderator package. It's worth spending out on some good glass as it should outlast the rifle. Well, at least until the new model scope comes out and you just have to get one!

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    I have the saqme mod on my 243, no bush required by the way.

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