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Thread: Gun Mountable Torch/Lamp

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    Gun Mountable Torch/Lamp

    Hi Guys,

    I'm after a torch/lamp for some rabbit shooting with 22lr. Can anyone recommend a decent one and where i can find them at a decent price?

    Cheers Rob

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    LED lenser do one for the P7 torch which is ideal for 22LR
    See Stalkers uk or uttings or the tracer from Deben

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    lots of questions you need to ask yourself:

    dimmable or not?
    remote (stock mounted) switch or not?
    external battery/internal battery
    expected distance you will want to shoot?

    personally I would go with dimmable every time.
    not many of the cheap and cheerful "torches" allow this

    I now have an LED version, last longer at a lower power but still bright for 2-300yds - meaning you can run it off a chinese knock off super light Li-Ion battery (20 instead of 200 for Debens own brand)
    They wont power halogens though

    on that basis I went for a Deben Tri Star Pro with red filter (89 light only)
    I also have a skinny "torch" version in both LED and Halogen, they are much smaller and are great for 60-75 yds but the occasional fox will be out of reach unless you get fruity stalking them to rabbit range

    too many options out there

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    Have a look at the cree xml xm-l t6 zoomable,i use one on my 243 happy taking shots out to around 150 yards,you can get scope mounts for them but me i use an old clulight mount ,once my phones fixed ill post a pic,seriously for the little amount of money these torches cost i dont know how they do it.ive also got a led lenser an the cree beats it no bother.

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    Got a Deerelight Night Master kit last week and am very impressed with it. Read lots of reviews and it was coming out on top. Not got a bad thing to say about it really lightweight, well made and works well with red and white led's, not tried it with the other colours but those are good. Not the cheapest but great not to have a big battery to lug around.
    They sell them at taclight.

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