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    I have 1x10 and 2x5round SSG mags for sale, not easy to get hold of now..70 the three , inc p+p ono, all lightly used only,

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    SSG mags

    Steyr 308 ...did you get my reply? They are for the SSG 69 or Police versions and in 308, hope that clarifies, Tony

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    Sorry, I have been away from home. I do not see a reply, any chance you could re-send?

    Kind Regards

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    SSG Mags

    Hi, Steyr 308 ..replied to your reply now needing a reply re. your reply..only kidding..e-mail me on korsino@supanet. com for more info. Cheers mate!

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    Hi cervus. I dont suppose you would sell the 10 round mag on its own would you.

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    SSG Mags

    Hi, ssgpiv,Steyr308 has replied first and I have yet to touch base with him on the mags.I will give him a couple of days, you can e-mail me on to discuss, Cheers.

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    Hi Tony,

    Just sent you an email Ref mags.


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    SSG mags.

    ssgpiv...10 rounder available..30 inc. postage ok ? e-mail me asap if interested, Cheers

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    SSG Mags

    SSG Mags now sold...thanks for your views all.

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