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Thread: Foxs are calling

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    Foxs are calling

    Looks like this cold snap has started things. Out on Tues eve and could have sworn I heard a dog fox calling. Anyway we diidn't get anything but saw a couple on the way home. Getting out of the truck at home there was a dog fox calling as he went down the next street and I heard him call a few more times as he patroled his patch.

    The couple we saw on the road verges were big and in excellent condition.


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    Yes - I've heard a couple, but they were very tentative - it sounded more like they were testing the water than actually calling properly. I look forward to it all getting going in earnest!

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    Tried the caller on a few last night with a fox call but none wanted to know had the one and then we found one the pikeys had had the night before, dead dumped right by a footpath and with wheelmarks straight across the drilling where they had followed. 3 times this week they have been in now as they were out after we finished last night. If we could just find where they are getting in as its all ditched and gated and had been keeping them out.

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