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Thread: Snugpak response bag - mini review

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    Snugpak response bag - mini review

    Right, I have finally given in and accepted that these bum bags are not a bad idea after allÖso thought I'd do a mini, well very mini review as I was tidying it up a bit today

    Iím been swapping stalking jackets frequently and with the emptying and swapping over stuff from various pockets becoming a pain in the hoop, I decided to have a ďgrab and goĒ pouch for impromptu stalking sessions & to save time when heading out etc

    I have the relatively inexpensive Snugpak Response one, with a few mods here and there including:

    - cutting off the zip puller tabs and replacing with paracord - no more rattles

    - cut out the supplied belt and replaced with a better belt with a stronger and heavier buckle - the supplied one was pretty naff and the belt couldnít be removed.

    - probably the most useful addition is two 2Ē buckle/webbing tidy type clips onto each of the side pockets and fitted some para cord to act as an extra support to stop it slipping down - this sits across the top of my shoulders and goes under the arms, helpful if out for a long walk, spreads the load a bit. 2 loops either side means it can be unclipped if need be and used for something else etc

    It holds all the stuff I need below with room for spare if need be:

    Ammo holder (Attached onto side pocket)
    Spare knife
    Folding Bone saw
    Roe Sling
    Buttalo & a Fox call
    OíTom Tick twister
    Bog roll
    Anti Bacterial Wipes
    Paracord & tape
    Collapsible Push rod/Jag/Patches
    Head Torch

    I carry a swingblade on the belt & add Smidge and Headnet in the summer

    If Iím not going too far from the motor/house then I tend just to take what I need from the pack and carry in a thigh pocket for example but its handy having it all in the one place and doesnít weight much when fully packed.

    If Iím off out for a full dayís stalking well away from the car, I normally remove the belt and pop it in a Roe sack or a Berghaus Munro daysack depending on what/where Iím stalking and of I can either add or swap items as I see fit i.e. Folding gambrel, Large Breat Saw, Trauma/First Aid Kit, Drag rope etc etc

    The Adventure Sports Trauma Kit (on the left of pic) was about £15 which contains 25g quickclot compound, trauma pads, tape, gloves, dressings, and wipes, quite a compact & comprehensive emergency first aid kit in a sealed waterproof package which doesnít take up much room in the sack but obviously very handy to have! Hopefully never have to use it but if your miles from the motor/civilisation/mobile signal it might just save the day.

    Anyway, thought Iíd share my musings, going stalking now.


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    great review, i like using a bumbag for the simple reason if i put stuff down i loose it so i got one off flea bay its an exellent piece of kit and everything stays in its place just replenish when i use tie wraps and zip lock bags for my offal . but my bag started to slip as i usually put the dog lead on the belt so i have hands free but the dog is close she will walk to heal off lead but im not going to risk it at this early stage anyway i had an idea. i baught an olive green plce yoke off flea bay for three quid and use the two together and its a fantastic bit of kit now no more pulling the bag up sits exactly where i want it, atb wayne
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    Handy piece of kit! Good review.Im with you on the first aid kit as well. Do you carry a whistle?

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    Great review, I use 1 and wont go past it now.


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    Excellent work Rigboot.

    I have one of these for all the reasons you mention. The kit inside is very similar. Great piece of equipment.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovebob View Post
    Excellent work Rigboot.

    I have one of these for all the reasons you mention. The kit inside is very similar. Great piece of equipment.

    Thanks for sharing.



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    Quote Originally Posted by nuttyspaniel View Post
    Great review, I use 1 and wont go past it now.

    Bought one of nutty here and it's great . Great grab and go bag

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