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Thread: Anygood stalking DVDs??

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    Anygood stalking DVDs??

    My good missus has said she would like to be me a shooting related DVD or 2 for Christmas and has asked me to list one or two I would like. So guys, can you sugest a good deer related or stalking DVD thats informative and instructional and doesn't have 2 minute long panaramic shots of the scenery every 5 minutes to fill up space?

    Remember-you have help get me through christmas day afternoon!!

    Thanks in advance,


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    You could suggest the BDS DVDs "Skin, Butcher & Cook" and "Gralloching - From Field to Larder," both instructional and very good reference material for home butchering etc.
    On the Bds website

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    +1 on the BDS discs, very well shot, very useful and full of good info - and the "Hunters Sauce" that they make in the Skin, Butcher and Cook DVD has become a firm favourite with my family and friends
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