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Thread: lamp and battery for sale.

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    lamp and battery for sale.

    I have a Deben tracer lithium polymer battery its 12v10ah very good condition, had it about a year and to be honest its been charges about 6 times since i have nightvision now and dont use it. comes in box with charger sadly no paperwork or car charger, it will keep my 100w lightforce striker going for slightly over an hour. Heres what it looks like

    I also have a genuine (not deben) lightforce 170 striker handheld, the lens and housing is like new as it cama off my new scope mounted, the handle and switch is in good condition and never let me down, i have put a connector on the lead to plug into deben battery.

    looking for £soldfor battery and £soldfor lamp

    or will accept £soldfor both as it will save on postage.
    paypal +4% or bank transfer is fine.
    pics no problem by email.

    Items for sale on other sites
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    I'll have them both mate..

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    Sold to Finnish

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