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Thread: Moonbow !

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    Moonbow !

    Just been out to feed the dogs and as I looked up at the whacking great full moon I saw what the wifey said was a moon bow ,has anyone ever seen one before at first I thought it was some huge plane with it fog lights on lol

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    They were talking about this on the radio last night, two phenomia, a moon bow, as you call it and a halo, moon bows are not as visible to the naked eye but appear on photo better where there is a lot of mist in the atmosphere, the halo is much more visible and truly beautiful, this is a good time of year to see them.

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    Seen them on three occaisions! Best when there is a full moon on a showery n windy night with a mainly clear sky. Most amazing view was when travelling up the A9 at Drumochter....

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    Seen moonbows a few times myself(the best was when I was on a boat between Raasay and Applecross). The moon has to be behind you to see them. Halos are quite common but to see a good one requires the conditions to be just right with lots of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.Fantastic sight.

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    i live on a little island with very little light pollution so you will see some amazing details if you look at the moon with some good quality binos

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    I saw one a couple of nights ago and here is a pic of one.......

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    I have seen one - a full bow type, with the naked eye - discussed on here a few years ago........

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    Not a moonbow or corona.They look like sundogs.Never seen that before with the moon.Well done

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