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Thread: Police spot checks

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    Police spot checks

    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    another thin end of a very big wedge

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    what a nice and fair bunch
    of course i have to be nice at the mo

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    It sounds like a lot of hot air when access can simply be refused. In fact you don't even have to open the door...

    Unless of course there is an issue as highlighted in the statement by BASC or similar concerns in Scotland.

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    i don't mind so long has they don't make a habit of it. no one wants the old bill at their door every five minutes

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    Getting a bit too close to home!
    Like Lister said above, I suppose I better only say nice things about NWP for the time being.

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    A letter to the elected PCC for the area asking on what grounds the "spot checks" have been instigated would be appropriate. My understanding is that they are accountable to the "public" so an explanation would not be an unreasonable request. As mentioned on an earlier thread BASC has requested a meeting with all PCC's.


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    A letter to the PCC from every FAC holder in the area would count, probably more people than turned up to vote
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    I am running the danger of getting attacked here, but I will say it: I do not see a problem with this. Can someone explain to me why I should be upset if the police want to satisfy themselves that I am adhering to the terms of my FAC?

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    Perhaps you should be upset because it is the Home Office, not individual Police Forces, that states that home visits should be arranged by prior appointment at a mutually convenient time.

    Turning up unannounced may not be convenient, as you may be about to go out, might not be home, might be in the middle of a meal, a bath, shower, inebriated, using the toilet, asleep, or participating in the joy of union with your partner.

    It would be better use of Police resources to arrange a visit by prior appointment than turning up mob handed on the off-chance that you're in or willing/able to answer the door.

    I've no personal objection in complying with a home visit, and if I'm not otherwise occupied would be happy to show them my empty Gun Cabinet, however, there is a principle at stake here, and the assumption that we might be up to no good after having jumped through all the hoops to be regarded as a trustworthy citizen, what has changed in North Wales to make the Police there adopt this strategy to find crimes committed by the one group they have already identified as being model citizens least likely to commit crime?

    Very odd behaviour from NWP

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