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Thread: britains deadly gun trade

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    britains deadly gun trade

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    how the hell did he manage to get over 50 hand guns through baggage control
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    But you try explaining a few extra expanding!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    how the hell did he manage to get over 50 hand guns through baggage control
    And on more than one occasion, it appears to me that the authorities are most diligent when it comes to those of us that follow the rules and possess guns lawfully but when it comes to criminals and apparently crown servants the controls seem to be less effective. atb Tim

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    Last time I tried to bring my guns back into this country I had to wait for 1.5 hours at Customs for someone to come down so I could declare it.

    Its no wonder people can just walk into this country with illegal guns.

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    Well it seems the official Police line is that only the Police should have guns.

    Note they do not include the Military either.

    This comment was relayed to me by someone who has been dealing with the police over guns held at the Police station after being seized. Seems that the local cops thought him so dangerous that they had armed officers in attendance when he called at the station to arrange their removal to an RFD. It seems that this "Line" is part of the Police indoctrination now.

    BTW My own collection has been in storage with an RFD for quite some time now so it was not ME or my guns I am talking about.

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