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Thread: Which shotgun

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    Which shotgun

    I know this is maybe not the right place but does anyone have experience of 16g shotguns?
    My son is looking for a gun for Christmas. He is big enough for a 12 g but has seen a 16 g aya game gun. I have no experience of this calibre. What are the benefits of 16g over 12g. If it were you what would you buy?
    Thanks for your advice.

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    Some people consider it an ideal calibre, but Cartridges are difficult to get and much more expensive than 12g. And I mean much more. I think I would advise a 12g and 28gramme load (Actually 28 is a 16 bore load) he will find it more convenient and a lot cheaper.

    best wishes,


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    Thanks David ill show him your reply as I think he has been confused by what is on offer.

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    I use a 16 bore regularly for gameshooting. Honestly, you wouldn't know the difference from a 12b in terms of performance, and I've never had trouble feeding it, although the range of available ammunition isn't the same. There are no 16b clay cartridges easily available though. I have some Eley bismuth ones that I bought for ducks once, and wasn't impressed, but I'd say the same of 12b bismuth. If he likes the gun, and the price is right, go for it. It used to be the standard bore in France. Oh, and you can find loads up to 32g.

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    Get him a twenty had one years and I'm still using it for all my game shooting !
    Regards Norma

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    They call it the sweet sixteen for very good reason. A 16 shooting 1oz of shot weighs in at 6 lbs so nice and light but not whippy like a 20, but has all the performance of a 12. Cartridges are available pretty readily, but might well be worth buying by the case when you get a good price.

    and AyA are very good guns - especially the older ones.
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    He's shooting MY 20g at the moment and I want it back! He fancies something bigger.

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    I'd go with a 12 that fits him. If you equip him with something that has 3" chambers and steel proofed he will have one of the most versatile set ups and he probably won't outgrow it. 28g carts will suit it fine and not be brutal. Also a 12 is cheaper to feed than 20 and 16.

    Enjoy your shooting!



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    We all know that shooting a 20g is the preserve of those that can really shoot! Buy him another 20 if he's shooting well with it !!! I did have a few boxes of 16g laying about somewhere, will see if I can find them!!!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Trouble is he is a better shot than me with the 20g.

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