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Thread: Cracking good morning

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    Cracking good morning

    A keeper I know has acquired another shoot courtesy of his generous boss although it does not border his existing estate it is not far from home and only 20 mins from me ,it is being run almost like a part time shoot and so does not get the disturbance the home shoot does .as it happens it also has a population of munty and fallow and after some banter about the damage the fallow were doing to his feeders it was agreed I could have a go at stalking the fallow in return I would get a few stalkers for the muntjac so as to help in the purchase of seats Ect .
    the alarm went early but I was ready for it and managed to get it off before the dogs started howling ,after a check my kit was all in the truck I was off and at the gate leading to the track below the main wood .
    kitted up I was soon off and warmed up getting above the wood with the slight breeze in my face .the moon was so bright I was extra careful traversing down the main ride keeping in the shadows to avoid detection .
    i got to a spot overlooking a grassy area between the wood and sat down on the frosty ground erhh not going to be light for a while but as soon as I glassed the area some fallow appeared !
    I slowly lay down and on the bipod watched till they walked into the clearing picking the lead doe I shot and she rolled over stone dead ,I gralloched her and pulled her upto the track for extraction .
    I decided to walk out of the wood and head to an area I had seen sign before and as I rounded the wood I spotted the form of several fallow so getting down again on the bipod I took my shot again flattening another mature doe wow it's not 8 o'clock yet ,I dealt with her and carried on stalking the boundary ,overlooking a rough area of the shoot a fox was,working spanial like with phezys voicing their disapproval I got on the sticks and gave is a good shout stopping it in its tracks as did the 120 gr 6.5 x 55 happy days .i phoned the keeper who was delighted and said the under keeper was on his way to help.
    so after all the excitement I started to walk back to the main wood just as a fallow pricket was coming my way big mistake and no 3 was in the bag
    i was a very happy stalker as the under keeper arrived and we loaded the animals on the quad as was the head keeper ,the fox a vixon was a fine animal and very experienced by the look of the way she worked so a good fox to cull .
    .I enjoyed the morning so much and in the afternoon managed a couple of drives on another nearby estate ,watching some good birds flying in the winter sunshine capping a perfect day tomorrow arhhhh.

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    sounds like you had a cracking time, atb wayne
    any pics
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    Sure did Wayne one of those days when it all went right for a change .
    you know what it's like though just when you think you're getting there it has a habit of biting you In the ar$e so I won't be getting too complacent lol
    cheers mate
    Ps yes got a picy of the lot on the quad but having trouble downloading will get on ASAP
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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	21984the big diesel quad loaded up .

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    well done

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    A cracking day indeed!


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    Thanks for sharing your story! Reading it puts a smile on my face

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