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Thread: opinions on this combination !

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    opinions on this combination !

    now this re-loading biz is all new to me , and after speaking to JAYB on the blower yesterday (thanks again mate ) ive been doing some home work and ive come up with this for a first time thought and welcome some feed back !

    please note at the ive not put this into practice .

    140 grain hornady sp or spear sp powered by
    40 grains of (hodgon) h414
    remington primers
    coupled with my used 6.5x55 federal brass .
    this should kick out about 2500 ft/sec just about 100 ft/sec behind the federal power shock i nomaly use !

    cheers lee

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    40.0g is listed as a start load for h414 in the Speer book (max 44.0g) so you might be able to work up a load that suits the gun knowing that there is a bit of spare capacity.The book also states that the start velocity is just below 2400fps for the 140g bullet so I think you may need a chrono to help with your load development.

    I use Reloader19 at 46.0g in a lapua case to drive a 140g bullet at 2525fps through a 20inch Sako barrel.I was using a lower doze to good effect but got a shock when I chrono'd it at sub2400fps!


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    thanks for the tips , im going to load 3 bullets @ 0.5 g intervels upto 44g and see what groups best and stick with it , all im after is a consistant 1in grouping and that will do nicely !

    cheers lee

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    you wont ever know how a load goes until you run it through your rifle and see for yourself what it can actually do. the reloading manualls are great and will keep you within the safe limits but dont be affraid to play about a bit it will make your ammo much more accurate as you tune it into your rifle

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    Try this link if you feel like experimenting with load development......

    (You may have to cut and pste it)

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