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Thread: air flo pigeon decoys

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    air flo pigeon decoys

    hello to all today i bought a pigeon magnet with came with the air flo decoys. the wings on the decoys are not turning when the magnet is turned on. i was wondering if anyone can give me a bit of help on this. i must add that they turn freely by hand. all advice and tips would be appreciated cheers

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    my mate had the same problem, i think its how the wings are set. With one wing on the horizontal the other should be on the vertical if you get my drift. if they are the same on both sides they dont spin.

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    only problem with the airpro is they need quite a bit of speed to keep them spinning regards biker1
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    Hi Tikka 3006

    This is just my opinion I don`t like the Airpro because they don`t work consistantly, they`re noisey, and they`re plastic

    Do yourself a big favour .... BIN EM ....use dead birds on your Spinner, Bouncers and in your Pattern, like flies for fishing they`re "made to catch the angler and not the fish" plastic decoys are made to catch your eye and not the woodies, they may look good to you but not so to the wiley woodie


    You will need:-

    Lengths of cane/dowel about 18" to 2ft ..... thats it!
    Break pigeons wings at the shoulder
    Push cane/dowel up thro` pigeons gut to the head and push thro` skull
    Push cane/dowel int floor at about 45 degrees allowing the wings to hang loose and floppy any slight wind will cause the wings to flap giving you all the movement you need, no shine right colour and you can add to your pattern accordingly

    To fit to your spinner don`t break the wings , push the points on the cradle through the wing on the end knuckle where the white bar ends, main spike up through the gut to the head and push into skull

    I`m not saying plastic decoys don`t work just that IMO the real things work better! And you save money

    You can`t beat dead birds .. END OF !


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