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    muzzle brake

    I used to have a t8 moderator but got fed up carrying it due to the fact that it un-balanced the rifle something terrible.
    A few of the north yorkshire stalkers met up the other evening I raised the muzzle brake query
    Only bad things were mentioned (Thanks for your comments Waldini)
    Mostly about throwing S*** back in your face.
    Is this the case with all muzzle brakes ?
    I feel that I should be using something,but found the T8 a pain

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    Having chosen a Jet Z Compact for my steyr pro hunter mk11 and the barrell needing to be machined to take it i had 40mm taken off the barrell length to balance it up which it did beautifully i also had a target crown machined at the same time.

    After always using a T8 i much prefer the Jet Z

    Im sure some would would never dream of shortening their rifles but its worked well for me and the grouping is great on the range..

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    As mentioned above, Earplugs are a must!

    Reduces recoil and muzzle flip a lot, I have one on my .270

    Also, the down range noise is reduced, it comes back at you instead!!!


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    Ear plugs are a must.

    I had a BOSS system on my old 270 a-bolt- good kit as long as the plugs are in!!!

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    I got a gunsmith to make one for my.243 as I did not fancy an unbalanced hunting rifle.
    It is noisy and I wear ear plugs, plus muffs on the range. The folk on the range do say it is noisy though, but in anger it is only one shot, usually.
    But I keep the sight picture and it reduces recoil and the rifle has a nice balance to it.
    I don't get anything thrown back in my face per se, it depends on the design of it.


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