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Thread: Luger binoculars.

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    Luger binoculars.

    Hi everyone,my mate is selling his luger binoculars they are the 8x42 dx range,does anyone own a set ?,and what are they like for stalking in low light.
    Many thanks .

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    ive just had a quick flick around the net , ive found the binoculars but there is not a lot of info about them regarding twilight factor , here is a link so you can look yourself ! w

    hope this helps !!

    cheers lee

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    I don't know about the bino's but I have a 3-12x52 (30mm) luger scope on one of my rifles, used it for about 3 years now. A german friend brought me it over, he uses one for wild boar hunting.

    I find it a great scope and it lasts well into the dark, better than my eyes anyway!


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