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Thread: Swanndri bushshirt

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    Swanndri bushshirt

    Bushwear have an offer on these bush shirts. Has anyone got experience of them? Are they any good?


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    my kiwi in laws swear by them

    IIRC though they are not actually waterproof

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    I have an old one thirty years of use, bought another two years ago old stock, will hope I live long enough to wear it out. Newer ones made Asia I believe and not as good if reviews are to be believed, however good wool top for sprng autumn or winter mid layer

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    Have you been in the rain with them? How shower proof are they?

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    i have an original one with the blue inner hood its a great piece of clothing i love it,atb wayne
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    I have several swanndri garments they are superb in quality and are extremely hard wearing

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    Top notch kit. Not really waterproof unless treated but excellent none the less!
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    Keep the moths away, heavy when wet but great kit.

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    Hi all , Swandri is the name of a range of out door garments originaly designed and made in New Zealand ..
    Hunters and out doors workers wore swandri bushshirts or jackets almost exclusively because they kept you dry and warm ..
    The dry bit , as bought they were treated and could withstand a lot of rain but eventualy did need to be re treatred ( just hang it up and give it a spray) with your choice of water proof stuff.. Howand getever many hunters now go for the new poly fleece ,it's lighter dries quicker and burns easier and gets smelly .. The swandri jackets are smart dressy the bush shirts are for wear on the hill , you would not regret buying either one .. Rob

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    Check out the Swazi website pure New Zealand gear. I have used it for years, very pleased with it .

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