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Thread: Out for a Buck last night and this time I frove myself.....

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    Out for a Buck last night and this time I frove myself.....

    I had a phone call from a good friend yesterday asking if I could make it up to his patch,so,I was in the truck like greased wee wee and on my way.It was a blazing hot evening,and,the farm we were on hadn't cut any of the fields yet,although a lot of the neighbouring farms were well under way with theirs.We skirted the fields,and,counted couch after couch all around each of the fields that we went through,then,in a break in the hedgeline we spotted a russet patch in the buttercups,it was the side of a Roe,but,not what we were after,it was a Doe,and,she was very skittish,and,was staring at something in the corner of the field,and,after watching her for a few minutes she bounded off into that corner and away.We walked on,and,saw another 3 Does and a good Buck in a neighbouring field,again full of buttercups,we carried on though as the sun was going down..........

    and,as we got to a low part of hedgeline my mate spotted a Buck in the far corner,so,I set up the sticks and put the crosshairs on him,and,down he went,it was about 135yds so not too far,but,in the long grass you couldn't see too much of him.When we got over there he was a young spiker,and,he had one of his spikes snapped off.............

    He was gralloched and we dropped him off at a gateway near the lane to be picked up later and carried on.All to no avail though,he was the last Buck we saw,so,we picked up the Buck and went on to another farm where he has been having a few fox problems,but,the best lain plans of mice and men as they say can and do go wrong,and,we were led a merry dance by a few vixens(in my opinion)that were just flitting here and there and hardly staying still for half a second,and then I had a phone call from home........"are you coming home tonight or what?" That's the trouble with lamping in the summer months,time gets away from you,and it was 0100hrs,and,I was an hour away from my bed.Here endeth the night.....LOL

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    Great first picture M. Sunsets have a certain charisma about them, don`t they?
    Hope your mum`s well. Tell her i said Hello.
    Good to see things are going your way for a change.

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    Think youve overdone it with the cammo cream ?????

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    looks like the missus has a good right hand!

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    Looked at that photo,& I have diligently checked all of my 'Best Practice' guides.

    I am in awe of a man who stalks with a spare pair of wellies (just in case) !!

    Man - you need to carry less kit! lol

    Congratulations on the Buck.

    Rgds Ian

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    Is it your custom to take off your wellies when undertaking the Gralluch!!

    I know the Europeans like to put a sprig of fir tree in the deceased animals mouth and the hunters cap. But your ritual is taking it one step too far!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice one martin, your certainly on them bucks this year. As basil says, nice to see things are on the up 8)


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    Great story Martin, I had to laugh at the other members comments mate 1


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