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Thread: Ticks and Lymes disease.

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    Ticks and Lymes disease.

    Admin. I`m going to stick my ass out and ask why the consequences of Ticks and Lymes disease is not put into a sticky for all to see and learn from.
    We are all in the same boat but you don`t seem to see Ticks and Lymes as being a problem.

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    Admin takes this issue seriously, please look in the thread from Morena and you will find a whole host of information on Lymes Disease. That is why we started a whole new locked thread run by Morena for members to read and learn from. Anyone who wants more info PM Morena

    I am WELL aware of the issue as I am currantly being treated for Lymes Disease So I hardly need reminding of how serious it is.


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    If you don't mind me asking Sikamalc, how quickly was it diagnosed and has that impacted on how treatment is going?

    Hope it goes well for you.

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    I was bitten about 4 weeks ago. Infected bites generally radiate out to a large red ring, BUT NOT ALWAYS AS IN MY CASE.

    I have to say I rarely get bitten, ticks generally dont like me much (much like some people ) I noticed the symptoms about 2 weeks ago, tiredness, aching arms and muscles, and a couple of times double vision very briefly one evening while walking the dog. (No wise cracks about over indulgence of whisky either come to think of it though)

    The blood test is carried out to look for antibodies and the treatment is Doxycycline over a three to four week period. I have just been down to the quacks this morning again for a top up, and I do feel better, but not completely better. Am off this weekend to the same area with two clients, so plenty of Deet on the trousers and boots I think

    Lymes Disease is spreading and is in HAMPSHIRE and my lease is only a hop skip and a jump in West Sussex.

    The West coast of Scotland near Ullapool is a bad area for Lymes and through lack of sheep dipping and regular burning the ticks are having it away big time. I know of several folk up that way who have had it 2 or 3 times.

    If you think you have it go to the doctors and get it treated as soon as possible. If left it will do irreversible damage.


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    Pleased they caught it quickly, I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    An earlier post reporting my own experience of Lyme disease

    bull's eye developing at the site of the tick bite - erythema migrans

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    Information like that supplied by Sikamalc and Iwrch is what makes this site so interesting and informative, thank you both for the detailed advice.


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    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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