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Thread: Personal Locator Becons/GPS Tracking Systems

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    Personal Locator Becons/GPS Tracking Systems

    Alright i was wondering if many people on here carry a PLB when either stalking, walking or working on there own in remote/rural locations with dodgy/no phone reception.
    I'm thinking about buying 1 for my dad for an early crimbo present, and would possibly also buy 1 for myself. Me, my brother and dad all work on our own in pretty rural locations and we never really know where each other are if a disaster happened, my bro said he was going somewhere the other day changed his mind and ened up 70 miles away from where he said he was.

    I seen on another thread that someone uses a spot2 which also can monitor/send ur location every 10 mins so as well as ok, non urgent help and sos messages. In wot i could find last nite on net (which wasnae a lot) it looked ideal for wot we're after,
    What are the other options and does any one know of any uk based companies that deal in them, would prefer to buy from a company that can advise u rather than internet shop. (There used to be a company that advertised in the SGA mag but i cannae see the advert in the recent 1)

    From wot i can gather the spot2 is around the 100euro mark and cost about 100ish euro a year (could only find a dublin based company) but i seen u can pay a lot more 300-600 for a similar system but with no annual charge. Is that correct

    I've jist came back from NZ and they are pretty much everywhere, any one who either walks(tramps), boating, hunting usually has there own personal 1 and usually the first thing they pack when going out, plus u can hire them everywhere. They reckon usually about a 1 hr response time pretty much anywhere in NZ and a heli will be there. I done a bit of walking and hunting over there and it is surprising the confidence it gives u when ur on ur own and if the brown stuff hits the fan the resue team will know exactlly where u are instantly.

    Cheers for any help and advice

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    In another thread on here, the Fast Find Ranger has been mentioned which i understand is just a one off purchase i.e. no annual fees. Please see:-

    Fast Find | PLB | Personal Locator Beacon | 406 MHz Emergency Distress Beacon

    Fast Find Ranger

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    I have one of these.

    Buy MCMURDO BEACON PLB FASTFIND 220 GPS UK Model EPIRBS at Marine Megastore Chandlery 15% off orders over 300!*

    They were the cheapest place that I could find, sent quickly etc. No ongoing fees.

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    We use Spot2 working on the Outer Hebrides they work when you need them, and are easy to use

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    Again, we now supply "spot devices" , little orange ones from Bushwear, cost approx . 100 pa.

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    We have just got something called 'skyguard', only recieved mine a couple of hours ago and haven't opened the box yet. Glyn

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    Cheers for the replies so far.

    It was a mcmurdo fast find i borrowed in nz and thankfully didnae need.

    My understanding is the mcmurdo is just a sraight forward emergancy becon with only the 1 button, ie SOS help.
    I must admit i quite liked the extra features on the spot2 like:- Non emergancy help, which sends a text to your chosen numbers and not emergancy services
    OK button, be handy if got held up at work either done an extra bit or blethering to the farmer at stopping time
    Sending ur loctaion every 10mins, would give my mother confidence and piece of mind that she could turn on the computer any time and see where my dad is, infact my mother would love that feature

    At moment i'm thinking the spot2 would suit us better, esp with the tracking feature as knowing us in time we would probably end up leaving it on the quad all day instead off carrying it (which i know completely defeats the point in carrying a PLB) but were never far away from the bike really so would be in a far better position than we are now where no one has a clue where we are.

    Does anyone else know off any systems similar to the spot2, ie a bit more than a simple PLB, which may be dearer but have no annual fee. Can see this be a tool that i will be using (well hopefully not) 6/7 days a week for years to come so

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    I have been looking at one last week here in Aus @$330 AUD equipped with GPS thats good to 100 metres they say with a batt life of 7 years,far better than any without a GPS inside as they are no where near as accurate.
    $330 = GBP 215
    GME MT410G Accusat PLB with GPS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    I have one of these.

    Buy MCMURDO BEACON PLB FASTFIND 220 GPS UK Model EPIRBS at Marine Megastore Chandlery 15% off orders over 300!*

    They were the cheapest place that I could find, sent quickly etc. No ongoing fees.
    The 406MHz systems are marine based - they are supposed to be registered with Offcom and go on your Offcom Radio License - no fee. Not sure what would happen (if anything?) if you pulled the plug when not on the briny.

    Not really sure what the basis is for the issue of these systems - but I can't see how they can work without either registration or an annual fee.

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