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Thread: Mauser Brutus

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    Mauser Brutus

    Finally finished my Mauser 1909 Argentine.
    We called her "Brutus". Short, light and ultra fast handling. Up to ten rounds of 308 in her AICS mags.
    The Mauser was selected by the German gunsmith Kai Hauck and STL-Rifles did the re-barrel to 308 with
    a Lothar Walther in Germany.
    I weighed the bottom metal assembly and decided to use an aftermarket Remington AICS magazine system instead. I am
    also sure the feeding would improve. This of course didn't fit and quite a bit of fettling was needed to get it right.
    My son Peter made me one of our extra light ambidextrous T3 carbon fibre stocks. We had to re-inlet to fit the mauser action.
    I also added an oversized "Kaiser" grip. This will be my rain gun and an extra grippy texture was added.
    Bolt handle was sawed off as the angle was wrong and replaced by a thinner lighter handle an a carbon fibre bolt knob I made 7.4 grams.
    My first attempts of putting some colour into the stock. The Final coat is a special matt varnish from Switzerland.
    Total weight including the 1.5-5x24 red dot scope. 7.92lbs
    We haven't fired a shot out of her yet except proofing in Germany, can't wait.

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    Sorry but to my eyes it looks just like any other plastic stocked rifle with after market drop magazine .

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    As it was the design lost two wars.
    Now it's better.

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    Nice rifle, Edi! I have several 1909's. Good actions.~Muir

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    looks pretty sweet, should handle fast and shoot like a dream ! congrats !

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    Nice handy looking rifle.

    What kind of work was required to get the Remington 700 bottom metal and mag system to fit the Mauser action? Would you do it again or buy one designed for the Mauser next time?

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    Very handy looking piece of kit.

    Reminds me of the early "scout" style rifles that Jeff Cooper and Finn Aaguard experimented with.

    It will be great woodland rifle.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks for the replies. (sorry for my late reply, was out in the hills)
    This will be my rain, bog, woodland and go through gorse bushes rifle. With a different scope I'm sure she'd also
    be ok out to 300m.

    Tartan Terrier, to fit the remmy sized mag system we needed to lengthen the rear tang by about 10mm and reposition the hole. (would need to check though)
    The front action screw is way off and we made an ADL style front action screw setup and set a threaded insert in the stock behing the front
    action screw. ( so we have three screws instead of two now) The action itself had to be slightly opened up to accept the AICS mag high enough.
    I want to use original mags.
    CDI offers a AICS mag bottom metal for the Mauser. The action still needs fiddling and in this case it is done, no e-mails, no wait.

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    Nice rifle Edi. Less than 8 pounds scope included, just as it has to be. Mauser actions always have been the favourite of customriflebuilders on the continent. Contrary to the UK either Sako or Tikka are not popular at all. You hardly ever see one here. Big houses like Francotte, Dumoulin, Lebeau-Courally all make their rifles on the 98 mauser action. That bolt handle just looks perfect.

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    In Germany many Mausers seem to be the entry rifle and are very plentyfull. Often butchered as short barrelled
    tracking rifles with open sights to go after winged boar at the driven shoots.

    Westly Richards in the UK make some fine Mauser rifles. Possibly the nicest I have seen.

    Bigger pic of the Bolt handle. The original Bolt handle weighed over 60 grams.
    The thread in the bolt knob is moulded not cut. Don't think it'll go kaputt...

    I zeroed the rifle today, only managed to get out after 4 so light was going, the target was under a tree and
    the 24mm lense with 5 mag won't let huge ammount of light in anyway. I could hardly see my target
    and after rough zero I fired a 4 shot group to make sure the final adjustment is not based on a fluke.
    I'm sure I pulled the one or just didn't see where to put the dot of the scope which was similar size to the square.
    I am extremely happy with that so far, three shots within 1/2", fourth shot opens group to 1 1/4".
    Only fired 8 shots up to know out of here.

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