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Thread: Free foxing swansea area

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    Free foxing swansea area

    Hello all

    As the title states free foxing, i was chatting to young lady whilst on a course yesterday and she mentioned she is having trouble with foxes all the time.

    She has a 4 acre plot with 50 chickens & 40 ducks and plenty of foxes. i would do it but its just too far from me .

    If you are interested drop me a PM liability insurance a must .This in the Pontadawe area


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    could do something there i reckon...

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    hello there would like to know if the offer has bin taken up?? if not i would also be interested please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sausage Warrior View Post
    I'm definitely interested.
    pm inbound

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    Hi, Not sure If I would Qualify but I would love to go foxing and I am looking for my first permission. Ive just bought a Tikka T3 Tactical in .223 ( mainly for target shooting ) and have a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12 x 50 IR so I think this combination could work...Would have to get the permission sorted though.

    Regards from Paul.

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