Yesterday i went to see if i could shoot a Boar from the high seat, i got up into the seat at 1.00 pm and sat there until it was dark 5.10 pm. the were Boar moving about i could hear them and every now and again i got a glimps of the silhouette of a Wild Boar moving through the trees, i think they were more careful about coming out to far from cover now alot of under growth has died back, going again next week to try again.
After my freezing cold wait in a high seat yesterday to no avail this afternoon i went for a wander to look for a Roe Doe,i got to the Farm and had a quick chat to the farmer and the game keeper then set off around the usual places where Deer hang out, but nothing showing i thought another blank, by 3.30 pm i was on my way back to the Truck to try and get a last look on another Farm before it was to Dark to stalk when 7 fields away i saw some Deer to far to tell What they were but i knew they were not all Bucks.It was a long haul to get across the road and get to where i could take a shot , the ground was sodden with all the rain we have been having but i had to try and go quick, quiet and careful as not to scare them off, there was no wind to speak of so that was another challenge i got a field from where i saw the the Deer and just coming through the hedge into the field i was in were 3 Does, I dropped to the ground they were 250 ish yards away and i was not spotted, in the field behind them i could see 2 more Deer.The 3 Does walked up under the hedge towards the cover they were walking from my right and moving left, i slowly kept tight to the hedge where they had come through and made my way a little closer they were in no hurry and just having a bite of some thing from the hedge as they slowly walked forwards, my main concern was the other Deer that was in the field behind i thought at any minute they would charge off barking as they went but nothing, where they disappeared to i don't know but all was well at the moment. i was with in 160 yards of one Doe which was very helpful to me because she turned out into the field and stood grazing on the grass perfect broadside, down with the sticks and as i arranged them to the height i wanted for my comfortable shot they clashed together and all 3 Deer stopped and looked straight at me , they were head bobbing and weaving trying to make sense of what they were looking at i moved in slow motion and hit the first Doe with a thud of a chest shot she ran 15 yards and dropped the other 2 were gone through the hedge and back to the Woods where they had come from.My problem now was to get the carcase back to the Truck it was to wet to drive to the Deer and about a mile to the Truck across really wet boggy fields no Roe sack and i never fancied the long drag. Lucky for me i had a signal on the mobile which is very iffy out on this Farm as it's under some hills , i rang the Farmer and he was still home i asked if he would do me a favour and pick the Deer up on his Quad he said of course , i told him where he would find it and i made my way back to the Truck , by the time i got my Truck and got back to the Farm it was dark to Dark for a picture as no flash on my phone and no lights in the shed where i found the Deer and Quad, i loaded the Deer into my Truck and made my way to my mates only a couple of miles away where it was gralloched i rang the Farmer to thank him for his efforts and he said no problem any time .