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Thread: Webley Raider 2 shot .22 PCP Air rifle

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    Webley Raider 2 shot .22 PCP Air rifle

    As above. Webley Riader 2 shot PCP in nice condition with fill adapter and Weihrauch moderator.

    There are 2 sling swivel holes in the stock (now filled) carried out by a previous owner, other than that finish is excellent.

    It's my dads rifle and he's a luddite so has gone back to springers....

    240 collected



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    Is this a sub 12 or Firearms air rifle? Might be interested if it's sub as need something for the rats!

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    This is a non FAC rated air rifle. Runs c 11.6ft/lbs with crosman accupels.



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    Oh brilliant, im just raising a bit of funding at the minute would take me 10 days or so to come up with the money, i'm just selling a couple of things to get a couple hundred for a sub 12 air rifle for ratting. Where are you located in staffordshire? Really interested especially if hers running 11.6 with accupels.

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