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Thread: Poachers Spotted Wearing 80's Shell-suit - Police Called

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    Poachers Spotted Wearing 80's Shell-suit - Police Called

    Just got back from walking my dog with kids. Spotted a man in the bush wearing a shell suit (white and purple) with a rifle pointed in our general direction (public footpath on the river!) unsafe and defiantly no safe back stop. To make matters worse the bush was directly next to the rail line and any shots the the left would have been aimed directly at the station.

    Making an educated guess that he is unlikely to be a public servant on a Saturday wearing that attire and after promptly getting away as quickly as we could I notified the police who said "we will get someone to have a look".....surely when public safety is at risk there should be a little more of a response or at least protocol for advising us on what to do! Shocking!!!!

    This made me giggle: popped by the farm on way home and told one of the farm workers who response was "I don't give a **** it's Saturday let the ****ing police deal with it!" Clearly he has this issues on a regular basis.

    Anyone faced anything similar and was appalled with the polices response? Considering what potentially could happen and the danger to the general public?

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    Are you by any chance living near Liverpool?

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    Shellsuit? Clearly a criminal offence in itself.
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    Mate in Nottm had someone call the Police here and they had two cars and the helicopter out to him immediately !

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    anyone in the 80's go shooting in their shell-suits???

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