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Thread: things getting tougher in the search for food

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    things getting tougher in the search for food

    Hi we had a new sounder turn up friday am a group of atleast 11 and seemed to fight all the time for food, the family groups we get or the odd few males together normally feed quite quietly but these showed eachother no respect, is it because food is at a premium now the winter has arrived...??

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    always nice to see some pictures of live ones.

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    yes its nice to see and hear them...turn the sound up when you play them and they make some great noises...

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    Hi Apollo, in my experience larger sounders will include siblings who inevitably squabble and there will also be a pecking order. they will compete for food if limited and especially if concentrated in small area and be proper noisy! I guess you are feeding at a bait station and food is on ground in small area?

    I try to spread thinly over a large area to make sure they all get some grub and take longer to eat it.

    Great photos mate.

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    As above i like to make them work for their food

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    yes boys we feed them in that one place to minimise damage to the horse paddocks, we only have a few small fields and this is set away from the others and they tend to feed in this one place and leave the rest alone but i see what your saying and will try spreading it thinner over a larger area

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    well this lad turned up for a share the other night...

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    Nice looking pig mate. Your call but if you only have a fledgling population, are going to leave him to do his stuff or are you under pressure to cull? Nice to see them spreading, do you think your animals came from forest of dean or another source?

    All the best


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    these are forest pigs mate, and we are under pressure to stop damage but the feeding in one area seems to keep it to a minimum and we dont have to shoot as much as first thought..

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    Hi Apollo, thought that some refugees might have escaped the forest into Wales. Diversionary feeding can work well. Got 2 feed stations running at the moment with quite a few visitors. Put a trail cam out today so may put some pics up if I get chance. What you feeding? Still loads of nuts on ground at the moment but they still come in well to whole maize but not cheap.

    Shot many this time?

    Best regards


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