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Thread: New big bore.

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    Thumbs up New big bore.

    Hi All.
    Sighted in my new to me 444cal marlin 444ss made in 1989. Load 240grn xtp over 50-3 grns vn130 at 125yrds as most of my shooting is from 25 to 150yrds. My go with the 300grn xtp for bore.
    Just a pict or two.
    All the best lever man.

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    Hey Leverman, enjoy the . 444 - I love mine. Rifle is about the same age as yours and mine loves the 265 gr Hornady FP light mag rounds. Have not started reloading yet!


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    Devizes Gunsmith?

    I had my eye on that, it looks great!
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Devizes Gunsmith?

    I had my eye on that, it looks great!
    BK how right you are first come first served as they say. All the best lever man.

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    Nice rig ! When I had mine I used the Hornady 265's ( there wasnt anything heavier available at the time) worked great on 1 black bear and a moose.Those are some good groups too,congrats.


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    Congrats LeverMan ! That's a good shootin lever, and looks good too !!

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