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Thread: Butchery DVD's

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    Butchery DVD's

    I am continually trying to look for different ways to cut up my venison for selling on and was wondering if anyone here could recommend a butchering dvd they have themselves found useful (it does not have to be for deer although this would be preferred).

    I find these a lot easier to go by than books as you can easily see what is happening. I already have the david stretton one and the BDS one which i am more than willing to swap/lend etc if anyone is interested.

    I was previously promised deer processing and Game Butchers white tailed deer processing 1 & 2 although unfortunately these never materialized.



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    Type in on you tube 'roe butchery< on there is a series from skin to final joints.

    Worth a look.


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    re'M'ington did an excellent post on Deer butchery, Stone added a worthwhile piece. I reckon it was about two months ago so happy hunting.

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    As basil already mentioned

    this is a Fallow doe already skinned

    i remove the shoulders first
    i cut across the chest just above the shoulder blade

    then cut the flesh away from the rib cage by running the knife down tight against the ribs peeling the flesh back and then again cutting down the back bone
    this then starts to get the whole shoulder starting to fall away

    i then take the other shoulder off and go strip the meat off both shoulders
    one shoulder has been stripped and about to start the other , as you can see a pile of cut up meat starting to form on the right of the unstripped shoulder, you can bone and roll the shoulder or just use the whole shoulder as a joint

    next i start with the loin or saddle
    this i cut into chops or medallions
    i cut across the flank just below the haunches

    and cut down the rib cage leaving a genouros piece of fatty flank

    i then cut down the back bone peeling the loin away and also cut the flank away from the ribcage

    this then leaves me a good long pice of meat with a bit of fat on it

    which i then fold over

    and start to slice thumb width thick chops off it

    next i start on the haunches

    by cutting around the edge of the pelvic bone and along the back bone

    i then start to cut around the ball joint

    leaving me a whole haunch to then start to debone

    the hauch is the cut into 2 pieces
    one as a joint

    the other is placed in the freezer for a couple of hours to go solid then is sliced into steaks

    now you also should of accummilated a pile of meat that you hav cut of the shoulders and exces bits from the chops and from the steaks
    this i normally either cube the best bits and mince the rest

    a few of the trays of mince , cubed ,joints and chops ready to be packaged

    on the over wrapper ready and waiting

    and finished product

    last job
    into the freezer

    this is what i do with the bulk of my deer i shoot for my own freezer, others will hav different ways and also different choices of cuts of meat
    plus there are other bits i hav not mentioned here like the liver, heart, kidneys ..etc etc
    must not forget the best bit....the fillet
    some people regard that as there favourite bit of all , i often flash fry it with a bit of deer liver and put it between a couple of crusts , perfect as a sunday morning starter to the day

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    Appologies Stone and Remington. . I forgot about your posts on butchery.


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    Just done my first roe of the season last night, and watched the youtube vids as a guide. Cant say I did it as well as the fella on the vid, but it was certainly a help to me.

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    Cheers for the step by step stone and the suggestions for the hinting life ones on youtube also.

    Does anyone have a copy of the american deer processing dvd's that are going around? I believe that there is one from the kentucky game and fish and some whitetail ones.


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