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    Hi guys
    On the lookout for a .410 for my little one, he's only 6 and loves coming out with me and helping out back at the larder and want to get him a little .410 to teach him the safe ways of gun handling/safety and how to shoot, better than his old man i hope.
    Not got to much spare doh but willing to swap items perhaps, open to suggestions.

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    jonny look at the yildiz range heard there ok for starters regards pete

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    I have a Bailkal single, nice and light, virtually unused as I only bought it for doing RTA work, no doing that any more so its not being used. 100 plus rfd costs and its yours. It's fired less than a box of cartridges.

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    I've got a webley sportsman 3 shot b/a 410 for sale pm me if you want more details

    By Christ that was a good shot

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